The Shopping Annuity is a revolutionary concept that helps consumers convert their spending into earning through the Unfranchise Business and SHOP.COM. Every consumer spends money for goods and services, but not every consumer gets a return on every dollar they spend. How much are you spending every day that you could be converting into earning? The Shopping Annuity mini assessment gives a personal report highlighting your specific expenses that could be redirected into your shopping annuity, earning you an income.

Three Easy Steps to Your Earning Potential

Step 1: Answer questions about your household – the number of people, vehicles, pets, etc. to determine the volume of goods absorbed in your household.

Step 2: Allocate the amount of time you spend running common errands like grocery shopping, filling gas tanks, to calculate the value of your time.

Step 3: Complete a spending report for regular household consumable products.

Step 4: Estimate the annual events you will spend money on, including birthdays, anniversaries and vacations.

The final report will provide and estimate of:

  1. Estimated savings potential
  2. Estimated savings potential
  3. Estimated earnings projections

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Is SHOP.COM A Pyramid?

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), commonly referred to as a pyramid, direct sales and/or network marketing, carries a negative connotation and is assumed to be the compensation structure for Market America/SHOP.COM. “Is it one of those things,” I am often asked. No, it isn’t and I can explain how it isn’t.

First, it is important to agree on the definition of an MLM. Within this system, one is expected to sell products, but there is a heavier reliance on recruiting a mass number of people to boost one’s earning potential. Those recruited are often referred to as a downline, since royalties from downline sales feed the commissions of senior levels. The structure only thrives when each level recruits, and the highest paid person is the most senior position, hence the pyramid reference. The structure is tiered, meaning each level represents a percentage of earning from the sales generated from that level. The tiered system encourages competition in order to maximize earning potential for the senior partner because it is built horizontally. Horizontal structures restrict the amount of time spent to train and mentor new partners creating an instability, and a vicious cycle of replacing short-term business partnerships. Yet even in the best of circumstances eventually, it becomes mathematically impossible for a new distributor to ever achieve the income level of their senior upline.

The new distributor did not fail; the organizational structure failed the new distributor.

While there are some differences, the shape and function of a pyramid is also compared to Corporate America because it is a familiar and acceptable business model. A President/CEO stands at the head of the corporation and earns the largest salary within the company, followed by several levels of the organizational structure. The lowest pay grades are the lowest level. In Corporate America, salaries may not be contingent upon individual or team sales, but there is an understanding and appreciation that the higher the position within the organization, the more money one makes. Typically, there are salary ranges for each level, but one may not earn more than a person working at the next level. Could you imagine a subordinate earning more money than their boss? While the scenario may exist somewhere, it certainly is not a common experience to say the least. Therefore, to advance within the Corporate structure, one needs to excel and outperform their peers, creating a competitive environment.

Working in Corporate America means trading time for money. In a sales industry, there is an opportunity to increase short-term security because higher sales means higher earnings. In both situations, the income stops when one stops working.

Market America and SHOP.COM present an opportunity to create residual income; money earned even after the working hours have stopped. Unfranchise Owners are not paid to recruit people. In fact, a successful business generating $1000 a month in residual income only relies on ten customers and developing two teams where partners are financially connected and sales volume is shared without any dilution. Meaning we share 100% of the sales volume tracked and recorded through our management performance compensation plan. 100% of 100% is 100%. This structure then creates financial investment and team ownership from all team partners. And since there are no levels or tiers, each team member has the same earning potential; The earning potential is not determined by the position within the team. The foundation of the structure is collaboration, meaning the only way to succeed is to train, mentor and support other business owners to achieve financial success. The only way to guarantee residual income is to invest quality time demonstrating how to follow a system in part time hours, where the time invested will be compounded and pays forever. Each Unfranchise Owner has the autonomy to pursue and achieve the income they choose to earn. Finally, our compensation plan is the ONLY plan where there is no dilution, meaning a new partner has the opportunity to leverage the established business growth predating them while they are in the learning phase of business ownership.

The details of the compensation plan answer the outstanding questions you are looking to have answered.

When I finally sat down and evaluated the business and compensation plans, I was shocked to learn the simplicity of the model. Having been a part of an MLM before, my guard was up, and I thought I had all the answers. I tried to find everything wrong with it. Yet, the more questions I asked, the more the management performance compensation plan proved to be financially sound. Seeing an opportunity to finally earn based on the effort I invested, without any contingency on the success of those before me. I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. To sum it up as simply as possible, what I saw actually looked like the inverse of an MLM.

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Get Out of Your Food Rut!

Spring is the time to enact change! I’m in a food rut! I’ve been preparing the same meals over and over again, and the fam is bored!

I read cookbooks for inspiration! My favorites are are Oh, She Glows, Cooking Light Collections and my most recent fave, Barefoot in Paris! I read cookbooks like I do a beautifully written novel – slowly savoring each word imagining myself bringing the words to life.

The challenge for me in terms of execution is the preparation and planning. Maybe I’m making it out to be more than it needs to be, but creating the shopping list, finding all of the necessary ingredients, and then carving out the time to prepare amidst carting kids to and from dance in between lacrosse and gymnastics. So in my dream world, it would be amazing to have the recipe and ingredients appear on my doorstep, and all I have to do is figure out how to execute… fair?!

Well, a friend shared her little secret… Sun Basket! They offer organic ingredients, in a variety of different menu options based on food preferences and dietary needs. And who knew, the company is also partnered with SHOP.COM giving me and all of my preferred customers additional savings! I’m thrilled! Gourmet on the go!

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Grocery Delivery Saves Time & Money

Let’s talk about grocery shopping! People either love it or they hate it. As a mother of three, it feels like a burden. By the time I load everyone into the car, drive to the store, get them out of the car and navigate through the parking lot, I feel like I just completed a workout. Moms, you know exactly what I’m talking about; I know you do! Then once I’m in the store it’s hard to think straight because I’m also attending to my children who deserve my attention, but are completely distracting to the mission at hand. To top it all off, going down every isle ends in relentless begging to buy all the new sugary snacks and fun looking treats not included on the grocery list! Even with the best of intentions not to break down and give in, almost always one or two things end up in the cart. And never mind the comments from other shoppers, “Boy, you have your hands full!” Yes, thank you for the reminder! So the entire experience ends with checkout, where dodging the cashiers with the candy display is the first goal. Then it’s all about reigning in the children away from the isle as customers are trying to exit. Even a nice smile and an “excuse us” isn’t always enough to warm up the annoyed patrons.

So what if there were an easier way… A Shop Happy way!

Shopping Happy for groceries means once the kids are all in bed, I can get comfy in my pjs and cozy in on the couch with my computer on my lap. I log into my site and find sites like or Boxed is similar to a Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club, and Jet is an online grocery store that even offers fresh produce, wonderful meats and cheeses, as well as all of the different brands of non-perishables. Just imagine finding everything you need at competitive prices and having it shipped to you for free within two days of your order date? Sometimes I even get a little wild and enjoy a glass of wine while I shop. Could it get any better?!?!

Let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about with regard to competitive prices. The picture above is my most recent order from Jet. I had to split it into three pics because it was such a big order. I have oatmeal and oatmeal breakfast bars, parmesan cheese, a huge box of popped chips and a bulk package of Frito-Lay chips! We also needed stamps, so I bought a pack of 50, mouthwash, shampoo and conditioner for the kids, bar soap and wipes to clean the kids’ dirty feet after playing outside! I also picked up a few things like housewarming gifts for upcoming parties we have been invited to.

I’m sure there are a few items I forgot to mention, but I challenge you to guess how much I spent on this purchase?!?!!? What would it have cost you at your local grocery store?!?!?! And really, how much is your time worth to you?!?!

Final cost: $182!!!! This would have easily been way over $250 if I had gone to BJs for the same shop, and it was far more convenient to do from my couch in peace and quiet.

Let me show you how to Shop Happy for groceries! First  register for a FREE preferred customer account here. Make sure to download Shop Buddy, which offers additional coupon codes to further lower the cost of the purchase. At Jet, new customers receive 15% off their first three orders, and has 15% off the first order! I promise you, once you click and order, you will never go back to brick and mortar!

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What is the Entrepreneur Mindset?

The entrepreneur mindset does not appear magically because you want it. It is a mindset that is nurtured and developed over time. One day at a time, but day after day even without clear validation that what you are doing is paying off. Stay the course, and know this is a long-term process.

  1. As an entrepreneur we have to take responsibility for our work or lack thereof, which is the only way we can continue to move on. The longer we “pretend” things are not what they actually are, the more we start to believe the fantasy we’ve created. Face yourself in the mirror, take the emotion out of it, own it and move on. We cannot blame anyone or anything for the ultimate outcome, because as entrepreneurs what we are constantly perfecting is our craft.
  2. As an entrepreneur, you set your own pace. As much as this feels liberating, it can also feel like a lot of pressure. Be smart and strategic with your goals. In addition to setting your goal, write down the daily and weekly activities it will take to achieve your goal. This provides direction and the action plan that needs to be executed. Then you must commit to the action plan. This means embodying the discipline necessary to get the work done without having someone else telling you to do it.
  3. So many things happen beyond our control, yet with an entrepreneurial mindset, we accept what we cannot control and we use our problem solving skills, our creativity and ultimately our belief in ourselves to manage the things we can control. We know for every problem or conflict, there is always a solution. Spending time complaining and wasting energy on negativity takes away from the opportunity to create a better situation.
  4. There is so much experience between success and failure. Let’s apply the 80/20 rule to success and failure. In every experience there’s 80% celebration and there’s 20% for room to grow. How might you take your success to the next level next time? How might you build upon the success you’ve created? Nothing is a complete failure. Reframe it to 20% circumstance and emotion and 80% of an opportunity to identify skills to master or details to better prepare for the future. The 20% is the things we can’t control and the 80% is figuring out a better way of dealing with the things we can control.
  5. Finally, every entrepreneur must have a daily morning AND self-care routine. This is essential to keeping your attitude positive and your day productive. The self-care routine shall include activities like saying positive affirmations aloud, reading on topics like self-improvement, entrepreneurship and/or leadership, journaling, visualization, exercise, meditation, spending time outdoors, yoga, and listening to podcasts or audio trainings. Basically, think about the activities that put the pep in your step and get your creative juices flowing. Those are the things you should incorporate into your daily routine to ensure the best mindset to approach your work. My morning routine incorporates self-care, and it is also structured so I have time set aside to do the projects and tasks that are the toughest or that I dread doing the most.

There is no luck or special circumstances related to one entrepreneur succeeding over another. It is the consistent effort invested in keeping your mindset in check and your eye on the prize!

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I am so thankful for all of my readers, especially those who have reached out to give feedback! My goal is to inform my readers about the advantages and financial gains by shopping online in a new way!

Most of you are already shopping online. So, my blog shows how you can take what you’re currently doing to the next level. Go Big or Go Home right?!

One of my readers wrote, “What’s the difference between this and shopping on amazon? just better deals?”

Many people are familiar with Amazon, and in recent SHOP.COM continues to get very favorable publicity in the e-commerce world given the increase in franchise partnerships to boost internet sales. Having maintained an A plus rating with the BBB for the better of 27 years, it is no surprise to see ranked the #1 Best Online Retailer on the Top Tens List! Market America / SHOP.COM is the only company in Central North Carolina to have won the Torch Award for business trust, performance and integrity now twice in the company’s lifespan.  Currently ranked #45 on the Internet Top 500 Retailer list, moving up another 5 spots from the previous year. Our shopping site continues to roll out bigger and better improvements, making it a very profitable business platform AND a more convenient and cost effective way for customers to shop.

You will also notice on both of these lists many of the other top ranked sites are also partner stores with SHOP.COM. On the Best Online Retailer list sites like, Overstock, QVC, Newegg, Ebay, Yoox, HSN, and ThinkGeek are all ranked within their top 15, and they are all also partnered with SHOP.COM!

So like Amazon, we have the ability to shop for millions of products that are shipped directly to the consumer, and typically arrive within the same 2 day window, depending on the vendor. One difference between Shop and Amazon is that has partnered with over 3600 franchise stores. These are well-known stores, and those you are already shopping at: Target, Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, Best Buy, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Girl, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Land’s End, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, JC Penny, Nike, EastBay, Calloway, Ace Hardware, True Value, Wayfair, Joss & Main, Staples, HP, Petco, Walgreens, Ebay, Groupon, and the list could just keep on going….  The range of stores is incredible, and continues to grow because SHOP.COM has an established platform to guarantee our partners stores the sales of their products and services, also saving them significant money spent on advertising.

Now imagine getting additional cash back on your purchase, and getting additional coupon codes to further drive down the cost of the merchandise! Many of these stores also offer in store pick up, so it makes the after-work stop at Target much easier and saves a ton of time!

The second question was, “what’s the catch? like- do people need to sign up for something or pay an annual fee?”

No Catch!!! I realize because there are so many “things” out there where there is ultimately a catch, you would assume there to be one here as well. But no, to be a preferred customer is absolutely FREE! There is no annual fee, no pre paid shipping, no obligation to anything… just a FREE way to save more money! You simply click this link to register as a new preferred customer. Then the system will prompt you to download Shop Buddy. This is our exclusive application which does all of your comparison shopping, logs all of your cash back AND will offer and apply additional coupon codes when you are ready to check out. Once Shop Buddy is downloaded you can directly visit any of our partner stores, and the application will automatically load and do it’s cost-saving work!

And, for anyone looking to compare this to Amazon, Shop Buddy will also pop up when you add an item to you Amazon cart, alerting you the item can be purchased for less money through a partner store!

Finally, any time you refer a friend to shop on SHOP, you will receive a lifetime referral incentive in cash back from all of their purchases!

The cash back comes directly from the partner store as a reward to the customer for being a preferred customer with SHOP.COM.

So my question back to you is, “Why wouldn’t you shop this way?” “Who wants to spend more than they need to?”

Finally, the last point of clarification, “Is this the same thing or a different thing than the shopping annuity stuff you post about a lot?”

For anyone who follows me on Facebook, I often include the Shopping Annuity in my posts about saving money. The Shopping Annuity is exclusive to SHOP.COM for those who would like to convert their spending into earning. Imagine the money you currently spend to support your household: this would include – food and beverage, seasonal items, gifts, clothing, entertainment, electronics, personal care items, etc… Imagine all the money you spend on those items, and those dollars turning into investment dollars that grow exponentially within our vertical marketing structure creating a residual income that starts paying you today! The goal of our platform for customers and owners is to move the leverage away from the stores and back to the consumer, driving prices down and creating an investment (this can also be a willed asset). We are approaching the biggest retail season of the year, where we know we will beat last year’s record of 6.4 Billion dollars spent through the internet during the Black Friday weekend. There is great potential to jump start your shopping annuity if it peaks your interest. As always, you can comment below, or email me directly.

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Send Flowers as the Perfect Passover & Easter Hostess Gift

Sending a beautiful centerpiece is a thoughtful thank you to a holiday hostess. I typically host most of the Winter holidays, and we always have more than enough food. When a houseguest brings or sends flowers it is always the nicest token of appreciation!

Take advantage of the coupon codes from Flowers Fast, giving you an additional 10% off. SHOP.COM preferred customer also receive an additional 10% in cash back through our Shop Buddy extension on Chrome. All of my readers should be putting money back into their pockets!

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