Fake Companies and Products: Use the BBB to Get the Facts!

Fake companies and products spam our in boxes and now pop up on social media. The ads are eye-catching and interesting, but often scam the consumer. Here’s the some helpful advice to make sure you get the facts and avoid the scam!

On January 16, 2019, the Today Show featured a segment in response to the plethora of solicitations for fake companies and products, including one who misrepresented Savannah Guthrie. A valuable piece of advice from the segment: reference the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB is legally responsible for reporting facts and customer complaints about a company. They rate the company based on business ethics and performance. Using the BBB for research quickly resolves questions about whether a company actually exists, and gives the consumer insight into the companies process and procedures to handle customer complaints. Therefore, one can easily determine with whom they want to do business.

For entrepreneurs exploring business opportunities, the BBB is also a valuable resource for many of the same reasons. The BBB will also report a snapshot of the company’s history as well.

We know the internet is filled with misconstrued information, so when I was looking into business opportunities for myself, I knew I could trust what I read on the BBB site. The profile for Market America and SHOP.COM reports an A+ rating for the company’s lifespan of 26 years. Market America’s International Headquarters is in Greensboro, NC, and it is the only company in Central North Carolina to have won the Torch Award, for business trust, performance and integrity, now twice. This really speaks to the ethics of the company. Financially, the company continues to excel, having earned over 8.5 Billion dollars in sales, with their distributors earning more than 52% of the earnings. This has made it possible for more than 500 distributors worldwide to earn millions with several thousands of distributors earning residual incomes of $300-$3600 a week.

Impressive facts for a start-up company in 1992 who had the vision of “the mall without walls” before the internet existed. Today, we have the ability to create our own economy by allowing our money to be recycled through a digital platform that supports sales for merchants and stores, incentivizes sales for the consumer, and generates residual income for the entrepreneur.

To get more information, feel free to connect with me and visit the BBB for more information.

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Government Shutdown Reinforces the Need to Have a Plan B

The 2019 Government Shutdown reinforces the need to have a plan B for when we face the unexpected.

Eight years ago my husband looked into pursuing a Master’s degree in Education to become a teacher. Some tenured teachers cautioned him saying the added responsibilities with the drastic reduction in benefits reduced the appeal from the attraction it created decades earlier. In reality, no profession offers the employee benefit packages that previously existed. They can’t afford to.

Government funded positions were thought to be the only secure professions left, and now we see those employees facing a harsh reality as they endure the shutdown. It was unforeseen, like many of the curve balls life throws our way. Many of us live with an invincible persona believing we will dodge the curve ball keeping hardship at bay.

But life happens. Life will continue to happen until we live no longer.

My belief is we have the opportunity to learn from everything that happens, whether it impacts us directly or not. The Government shutdown is yet another example stressing the importance to have a plan B. If your income is contingent on trading your time for money, then you are at risk. The minute you cannot work, whether the decision is made for you or by you, you stop making money.

This is one of the reasons entrepreneurship is on the rise. I teach and mentor people who are looking to diversify their income streams offering their budget more security and resources to secure the lifestyle they want.

Whether you need a plan B immediately or not, it is the perfect time to start exploring your options.

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Opportunities to Make Money: 2019 is the Year of YES!

Any google search to find opportunities to make more money in 2019 will tell you E-COMMERCE, DIGITAL MARKETING AND HEALTHCARE SERVICES are the fastest growing industries.

Online retailing is convenient, dependable and now we are seeing it be more cost-effective. What a consumer would pay for a book in a Barnes and Noble store, can in fact, be found cheaper online through barnesandnoble.com. We continue to see a rise in online sales as reported by the US Census Bureau, creating more competition among retailers within the digital space. The power of the SHOP.COM digital platform links consumers to digital retailers, making the online shopping experience convenient and rewarding. The universal shopping cart allows the consumer to shop across a variety of manufacturers, stores and merchants with a one-step check out process. We reward our customers with better prices, additional coupon codes to apply at check out and a cash back program that may be redeemed for cash or applied to a future purchase.

Digital Marketing and SEO are critical for any business or company with a digital presence. It is not enough to simply have a website; you need a website that is easily found and includes social media influence. The digital marketing industry is projected to grow by 14.4% in the next three years.

Healthcare services continue to change as legislature and insurance plans continue to change. While lifespans have increased, health concerns have also increased. Practitioners and patients are looking into alternative treatments and holistic wellness solutions to answer their needs.

With SHOP.COM, a digital platform powered by Market America, we have the opportunity to package e-commerce, digital marketing and one-to-one marketing with the most sophisticated tracking system to meet the needs of traditional business owners, the average consumer and individuals who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. For those who have a passion for helping others and value health and wellness, we have a division within our product brokerage industries to provide wellness solutions and fill service gaps for licensed health professionals. For traditional business owners who are looking to enhance their marketing and advertising plan or want to reduce the amount they pay in credit card processing fees, we have the solutions. Our SHOP Local program promotes businesses on a digital platform searchable by zip code and service industry. Finally, our tracking system and preferred customer program saves the average individual hundreds of dollars annually, by allowing money spent on everyday household items, to be recycled through our digital platform to generate independent streams of income.

With all of the focus on making 2019 a year with a better financial income, I am declaring 2019 as the Year of YES! Yes, I will be open to opportunity. Yes, I will be open to getting more information. Yes, I will go through an exercise to see what the actual numbers reflect with regard to projected savings and earnings based on my personal situation.

SHOP.COM offers solutions for every need!

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Build Wealth in 2019: Develop Better Money Habits to Earn Extra Money

If building wealth in 2019 appeals to you, please continue reading to learn how to develop better money habits to earn extra money.

With the rise in online retailing, stores are forced to find ways to guarantee sales. Traditional forms of advertising (TV commercials, newspaper and radio ads) are no longer helpful in generating sales because fewer viewers actually watch TV commercials with the option to stream and DVR. Similarly, most people go to the internet or digital device to read their newspaper and stream music. Advertising and marketing professionals recommend digital forms of advertising as a more cost-effective form of advertising in this day in age.

SHOP.COM answers the need for stores and companies looking to maximize their digital advertising spend because we have a global network of consumers generating billions of dollars in sales that is tracked and measured at the point of sale. Therefore, our partner stores are willing to redistribute their advertising dollars to point of sale ad spend because it is a smarter use of their money.

As an Unfranchise Owner of SHOP.COM, the digital ad dollars earn a potential weekly income of $3600 with the opportunity to take the initial earning potential even higher.

How is the money earned? It starts with developing the habit of shopping from yourself first! If you are an Unfranchise Owner, which means you own your own digital retail site, then you need to shop on it!

Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Home Depot, Old Navy, Madewell, Nike, Apple iTunes, Best Buy and over 5000 other franchise stores and sites are partnered with SHOP.COM, and I’m sure these are familiar stores to you. Are you willing to shop from yourself to begin earning yourself a commission on all of the things you already spend money on? This is what we call converting your spending into earning, because we get a return (from the ad dollars being redistributed back to the Unfranchise Owner) on every dollar we spend.

Let’s build wealth together in 2019!

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Save/Make More Money: One of the Top Resolutions for 2019

2019 is the year people are looking to make more and spend less money, as it is noted on multiple lists for top resolutions. Inc.com lists saving and spending less at #4 and finding another job at #8. ABC Action highlighted 37% of people are looking to save more money (up 6% from last year) and 12% are looking for new employment opportunities. Similarly, Boston News 25 included making more money in their top 10 and highlighted part time and work from home opportunities now being more attractive to the average person.

What if there were an opportunity allowing you to do both simultaneously?

With SHOP.COM and Market America, we offer a sophisticated tracking system that can identify every dollar spent by our network of preferred customers at over 5000 franchise stores and companies. Therefore, we have the ability to drive costs down for consumers while guaranteeing sales for the stores. The digital platform positions the average person with the opportunity to own their own website where they receive 100% credit for all of the sales volume generated within their site.

So its a win for online retailers because they get the sales they need to survive in this digital age!

It’s a win for the consumer because they are getting everything they are looking for at a cheaper price and with customer rewards!

Finally, it’s a win for the entrepreneur because they can generate an income of $3600/week or more, based on the sale and consumption of every day items!

Let’s help you begin converting your spending into earning in 2019! We all deserve a more profitable year!

Heidi Gruss    www.shophappy.org

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Make Money (and Save Money) Online in Part-Time Hours Without Quitting Your Job!

Here is the easiest way to make money (and save money) online in part-time hours, without quitting your job!

Imagine getting paid on a weekly basis based on the volume of money spent online on every day expenses! Think about buying paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, fabric softener, shampoo, body wash, hand soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and the list goes on. What if there was a way to get a return on every dollar spent on items like these?

We know everyone shops online. In fact, Fortune.com announced online sales on Black Friday created a new record at 6.2 BILLION dollars. This is a 23.6% increase from 2017. CNBC reports Cyber Monday sales at 7.9 Billion up 19.3% from last year’s record sales. These are incredible numbers; online shopping is here to stay. Now you need to learn how to generate a weekly income to get you the extra money you are looking for!

This is exactly what I did in 2017 after 52 weeks of starting my business with Market America and SHOP.COM. Now, I help other’s do the same!

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