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Are You Starting to Think About Getting in Shape for Summer?

Summer bodies are made in the Winter; Isn’t that how the saying goes? We are closing in on the first quarter of 2019. Our New Year Resolution(s) may have been forgotten as of February, however, I believe we always have an opportunity to recommit to our goals. As far as health and weight loss are concerned, we promise ourselves we are going to lose the weight once and for all, only as soon as the weight loss begins to get difficult, we lose focus and commitment to our goals. We feel defeated because we weren’t perfect at our attempt.

So, let’s take the gloves off and stop beating ourselves up.

I have no doubt you can achieve your weight loss goals once and for all if you are WILLING to see the entire journey through. This means, instead of chasing the instant results (which will not last), I’m asking you to commit to the healthiest way to naturally reset your body to get it back working efficiently. Diets kill our metabolism and they kill our spirit!

I could very easily write this article to include a full program including a menu, exercise regimen, meal planning and prepping tools, a grocery shopping list, etc… But you’ve seen all of that before, and you already know what you need to do! What we need to focus on is rebuilding the trust with yourself. Trust that you can commit to something and follow through. Let’s start with three small commitments for the week to create a foundation to build from.

Are you willing to commit to these three things this week:

  1. Get a minimum of 20 minutes of physical activity per day.

You may already enjoy longer workouts, and that’s wonderful that your body gets the added benefit of a longer and more intense workout. However, it is also important to move on the off days! I believe creating solid daily habits will prevail long term, rather than adapting a new 90 minute workout three or four times per week. Knowing myself, there’s a strong likelihood procrastinate all week to wait for the last three days of the week, and cram in 3-90minute workouts. It doesn’t make any logical sense, but the head game of rationalizing no physical activity for five straight days as long as I complete the 3-90minute workouts is just silly!

2. Eat five servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit per day!

Enjoy eating fruits and vegetables at any meal, all meals, for snacks, any and all of the above! It doesn’t matter and don’t overthink it, but make it a priority! Maybe even try a new-to-you fruit or vegetable! Who knows you might like it?!

3. Set an alarm on your phone three times a day to remind you to breathe!

Stay with me here! Yes, it is important to eat well and move more in order to improve our waist size, BUT it is also critical to reduce our stress levels. I guarantee you are not even aware how high your stress level is! You have become de-sensitized. You are used to functioning with a higher level of stress because society tells you that is the respectable way to live.

Take a breather! Three times a day, stop whatever you are doing, and just breathe. Deep, slow breaths. Inhale. Exhale. Do this for 7 days in a row and tell us how you feel calmer, less stressed, your muscles are looser, you are less reactive, you smile more, you might even sleep better at night!

Who is willing to commit for one short week? If you don’t feel any differently at all, try something else. I say this with confidence, because I see people who are so skeptical of this approach because they want the promise of five pounds lost after one week. I am not promising five pounds lost, but I’m promising you will FEEL better. When we feel better, we want more of that feeling. Let’s feel better together!

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The Power of Nutrition: Reduce Your Risk of Cancer

Cancer rates continue to alarm us. Research continues to offer better information offering easy things we can do to reduce our risk.

Business Insider published an article citing nearly have of preventable cancer cases are linked to avoidable lifestyle choices increasing cancer risks. Specifically, seven foods to avoid are highlighted including: processed foods, red meat and sugar. The Standard American Diet is rich in theses foods, so it’s not surprising the correlation between cancer cases and nutrition.

Five easy tips to implement today to reduce sugar, red meat and processed foods from your diet:

  1. Grocery Shopping Tip: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. There you will find fresh produce and sources of protein other than red meet. The center of the store is where you will find processed foods with preservatives and additives to give them a longer shelf life.
  2. Practice Meatless Mondays: A great way to experiment with new recipes and try new foods. Starting meatless Mondays was a fun way to introduce more legumes and increase vegetable portions to the rest of the family!
  3. Cut out juices and sodas from your grocery shop: Juice and soda are the root of a lot of the sugars consumed by children in the United States. As many as 13 teaspoons of sugar are in a regular serving of juices and sodas. That is more than twice the recommended daily amount!
  4. Limit after dinner eating: Looking for a sweet treat after dinner is common, and those calories quickly add up. Instead of indulging in a dessert every night, instead pick 2-3 nights to enjoy instead. Making this slight adjustment will reduce the weekly caloric intake by a minimum of 600 calories. Over the course of a year, this one change results in a 9 pound weight loss!
  5. Replace processed grains with whole grains: Many of the side dishes and grain ingredients in recipes are prepared with processed pastas, rices and starches rather than whole grains like millet, quinoa, long-grain brown rice and whole grain or lentil versions of pasta. Processed grains strip the fiber and refine the grain so that the body quickly converts it into simple sugars. Whole grains take longer to digest, and have a lower glycemic impact on digestion and metabolism.

Slowly integrating these five easy behavior changes will take little thought and effort, but will show a major improvement in your overall health, as well as reduce you risk of developing preventable types of cancer.

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Shop Buddy Saves You Money

Is Shop Buddy downloaded to your computer? Why not?

If you don’t have the Shop Buddy extension on Chrome then you are paying more for everything you order online! I just saved $33 on my purchase at Macy’s!

What is Shop Buddy?

Shop Buddy is SHOP.COM’s patented application that awards preferred customers additional savings on their merchandise and allows them to earn customer loyalty rewards for all of their purchases from the network of merchants and companies partnered with SHOP.COM. Some of the stores include: Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Justice, Old Navy,,, Staples, Best Buy, Michael’s, Groupon, Expedia, and more.

How does Shop Buddy work?

Every time a preferred customer spends money online, the Shop Buddy application will allow the consumer to apply the most cost effective coupon codes to further drive down the cost of the purchase. Shop Buddy also has the ability to track the purchase and reward the consumer with cash back rewards collected from the merchant at the point of sale.

Where can I find Shop Buddy?

Simply click here, to download Shop Buddy and register your FREE Preferred Customer account to begin saving today!

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Communicate Even if it’s uncomfortable or uneasy.

Ever have a conversation you know you need to have hanging over your head? You avoid it because the thought of it makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. Maybe it even causes anxiety. Yet, the longer you avoid it, the more intense the discomfort.

So often, in my experience, the conversation is never as bad as I have made it out to be in my mind. In fact, it usually leaves me feeling relieved and refreshed from hearing another perspective.  Yet, I may procrastinate, not knowing the best way to approach the situation for fear of making it worse, fear of hearing what the other person has to say or fear there will be an irrevocable consequence.

Despite how large the fear may be, I have survived. Regardless of the amount of energy I wasted during the procrastination, I survived.

Consider this advice the next time you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Journal to sort though the complexity of the problem. In my experience difficult conversations have more to do with hurt feelings, than they do with tangible facts. Journaling can be an effective tool to identify specific feelings AND the expectation supporting them. I found this helpful in checking my own expectations, and realizing my role in the conflict.
  2. Don’t wait for the other person to make the first move. Out of respect for the relationship, initiate opening up the lines of communication. Face-to-face interaction is always more intimate, but can’t always be achieved. I prioritize timing over meeting in person. There is a value in letting emotions settle before a discussion, but there is also a point where the more time that passes the more the situation escalates unnecessarily.
  3.  Share your self-reflection from the other person’s point of view taking responsibility for any miscommunications or miscues. Approaching the conversation this was will naturally de-escalate the tension, and allow the other person to see their perspective matters too.
  4. It may also be helpful to share your intended outcome of the conversation. When the other person hears your intention and goal, it is an opportunity to find common ground with one another and establish a common goal. When both people feel as though they are invested in the outcome, they are more willing to offer flexibility and understanding.

Holding value in the communication process keeps the resolution in focus. Avoiding the conversation means giving into the worst case scenario as a possibility. Facing the situation means having faith in a better circumstance. Because… the only way out is through. Have the conversation. Speak your truth. It will set you free.

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My Weekend Plan: NCAA March Madness

This is my absolute fave time of year! It is the only time of year I don’t get upset about planning the day around watching certain games. I get uber competitive and cheer on my picks as if I followed these teams throughout the entire season! 😂 Sometimes I even do better than my husband, Tim!💪

After day one, my best bracket is 87% correct! I’ll take it! The three incorrect picks were all teams I watched at one time in the Big East Conference – Syracuse, Seton Hall and Marquette. Regardless, how hard I try, I always pick with my heart. So many fun memories attending the Big East Championship game at Madison Square Garden – especially the years when our very own UCONN Huskies won! Thankfully, they didn’t even qualify for the bracket this year, or I probably would have had them in my final four! 😂 

Comment below and share who you have going all the way this year?!

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No Excuses

Are you living your best life?  Do you stand in front of your bathroom mirror looking back at a person you no longer recognize? Are you going through the motions of your life because you are so far down the path, you haven’t even considered that another lifestyle is an option? Why not?


It’s not too late. There is hope. You are allowed to dream. 

But you have to stop making excuses. It isn’t about lack of time, money, access to information,  or a support system. It’s about you. 

There is a solution to every problem, as long as you are willing to find it. The solution may not be ideal, It will surely not be perfect, but it is an answer to get you what you say it is you want. When you really want something, meaning you have a burning desire, you NEED to go after it, you will accept any solution that grants you access.

We have an amazing ability to talk ourselves into and out of things even though nothing about the argument has changed. We just make a decision about a situation and that is our new perception about it. We close the door on so many opportunities because we make a quick and harsh judgment rather than exploring, asking questions and saying a qualifying yes.

Stop thinking and overthinking. In fact, the all of the time and energy spent on thinking and rethinking, could be invested in action!

“Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” Dr. Seuss

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