Soccer Season Has Begun!

I have many memories of spending Saturday mornings down at our town’s rec league soccer fields cheering my brother on, and kicking balls around with my friends. It was where me and many of my peers spent our Fall, even after we were done playing we would hang out to watch other teams play. So you can understand my disappointment when my girls decided last Spring that they wanted to focus their Fall activities on dance and gymnastics. My husband, however, remains an avid Soccer fan and stays involved with the game through officiating.

Last week, just days before the beginning of his season, he remembered he needed new black cleats. So, I logged into our site and poked around for black cleats in a size 11. My Shop Buddy application did all of the comparison shopping for me and brought up a store I had never heard of – EastBay. I had no reason not to check out the new-to-me store; I’ve learned by now, Shop Buddy always makes sure you get the best deal no matter what you are shopping for. And there they were, basic black cleats meeting the approval of both the officiating uniform requirements and our Shopping Annuity. Bonus – Also on Sale! In the cart they went, and Shop Buddy gave me a coupon code for another 15% off plus another 2% in cash back! Then to top it all off, they shipped for free and arrived in two days, just in time for his first game! Inside, EastBay thanked us for our business by giving us a 20% off coupon to apply to our next purchase, and a coupon to Hello Fresh, which is another store partnered with our site!

Shopping Happy is all about figuring out the ease and convenience of redirecting your spending to the online market, so that you are guaranteed the best prices and you receive incentives as a consumer. This is how we move the leverage from the store and back to the consumer. And in this instance the happy shopping also made for a happy hubby!

Until the next deal –



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