Supplies Needed, It’s Hurricane Season!

I couldn’t help but feel outraged as I listened to the Today Show this morning reporting on ridiculous mark ups on necessary supplies needed to prepare for Hurricane Irma. Our fellow Americans are searching for a list of items they NEED in order to weather this powerful storm,

I quickly pulled up my site  and began looking at the best deals for all of those in need.,,,,,,… I could go on and on, but many of these stores also offer in store pick-up, which is a huge advantage, when time in limited. Jet and Boxed offer 1-2 day shipping on most items, and I was relieved to see normal, competitive prices on things like bottled water and batteries. (The picture above is from my cart at Please, please, please pass along this information to all of your friends and family in Florida and up the East Coast. This is just the beginning of what looks like a very active hurricane season.

As always, register as a preferred customer (FREE FOR ALL) to get additional coupon codes and cash back, so it will be a SHOP HAPPY experience!

Good luck, Stay safe, and Be Well!

Until the next deal,



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