Let’s talk about grocery shopping! People either love it or they hate it. As a mother of three, it feels like a burden. By the time I load everyone into the car, drive to the store, get them out of the car and navigate through the parking lot, I feel like I just completed a workout. Moms, you know exactly what I’m talking about; I know you do! Then once I’m in the store it’s hard to think straight because I’m also attending to my children who deserve my attention, but are completely distracting to the mission at hand. To top it all off, going down every isle ends in relentless begging to buy all the new sugary snacks and fun looking treats not included on the grocery list! Even with the best of intentions not to break down and give in, almost always one or two things end up in the cart. And never mind the comments from other shoppers, “Boy, you have your hands full!” Yes, thank you for the reminder! So the entire experience ends with checkout, where dodging the cashiers with the candy display is the first goal. Then its all about reigning in the children away from the isle as customers are trying to exit. Even a nice smile and an “excuse us” isn’t always enough to warm up the annoyed patrons.

So what if there were an easier way… A Shop Happy way!

Shopping Happy for groceries means once the kids are all in bed, I can get comfy in my pjs and cozy in on the couch with my computer on my lap. I log into my site and find sites like or Boxed is similar to a Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club, and Jet is an online grocery store that even offers fresh produce, wonderful meats and cheeses, as well as all of the different brands of non-perishables. Just imagine finding everything you need at competitive prices and having it shipped to you for free within two days of your order date? Sometimes I even get a little wild and enjoy a glass of wine while I shop. Could it get any better?!?!

Let me give you an idea of what I’m talking about with regard to competitive prices. The picture above is my most recent order from Jet. I had to split it into three pics because it was such a big order. I have school snacks like Goldfish, animal crackers, greek yogurts and two bulk packages of Frito-Lay chips. All the ingredients for tacos including a case of black beans, the fixings for salads for lunch, including 6 pints of organic tomatoes avocados, romaine, mesclun mix and cucumbers. Apples, apples, and more apples, bananas, pancake mix, boxes of oatmeal, almonds, cantaloupe and five pounds of boneless chicken breast. A can of pumpkin, because I love pumpkin everything at this time of year! Then I restocked tissue boxes, contact solution, sponges, coffee filters, super glue and new shower curtain liners. I was even able to get my daughter some school supplies and a huge box of 60 glue sticks to donate to the girls’ school!

I’m sure there are a few items I forgot to mention, but I challenge you to guess how much I spent on this purchase?!?!!? What would it have cost you at your local grocery store?!?!?! And really, how much is your time worth to you?!?!

Final cost: $262.52 !!!! This would have easily been way over $300 if I were to have gone to the store, and it was far more convenient to do from my couch in peace and quiet.

Let me show you how to Shop Happy for groceries! First  register for a FREE preferred customer account here. Make sure to download Shop Buddy, which offers additional coupon codes to further lower the cost of the purchase. At Jet, new customers receive 15% off their first three orders. I promise you, once you click and order, you will never go back to brick and mortar!

Until the next deal,



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