Happy Anniversary Babe <3

I laughed to myself while I was browsing KennethCole.com finding a few wardrobe updates for my husband for his anniversary gift. It made me think of Tea Leoni giving Nicholas Cage the knock off brand name suit for their anniversary in The Family Man, one of my all time favorite movies. I knew my husband would show a little more appreciation, because he loves when I pick out new clothing for him. Sure enough, he went to work wearing the shirt and tie combo on the left today, and there was even a little pep in his step wearing his new shoes. It just warmed my heart!

My entire shopping experience warmed my heart enough, I had to include it on the “blog list.” Okay, so the entire purchase comprised of two white dress shirts, two ties, dress shoes, and a cute little sweater dress for myself (Happy Anniversary to me too, right?!). Kenneth Cole is a moderately priced brand, and usually carried in many department stores. Only while I started shopping first for the shoes, Shop Buddy did all of the comparison shopping for me and found the best deal at Kenneth Cole, rather than Macys.com or LordandTaylor.com for instance.

So my purchase broke down like this:

Regular price:
Two white dress shirts  $119
Two ties                            $110
Dress shoes                      $85
Sweater Dress                 $69
Total purchase                $383 plus tax
Shop Happy price:
Two white dress shirts $61.60
Two Ties                            $40.60
Dress shoes                      $34.99
Sweater dress                  $16.97
 Shop Happy total   $154.16 plus tax

How would you not be happy by putting $228.84 back in your pocket! Shop Buddy made sure I got the extra coupon code before I completed my checkout! All of the items shipped for free! It’s a WIN, WIN, WIN! The amount of money I would have spent, but instead saved is enough to pay for our anniversary dinner at one of our favorite restaurants! Plus, the reaction from my husband was priceless!

Until the next deal,



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