Why Shop on SHOP?

I am so thankful for all of my readers, especially those who have reached out to give feedback! My goal is to inform my readers about the advantages and financial gains by shopping online in a new way!

Most of you are already shopping online. So, my blog shows how you can take what you’re currently doing to the next level. Go Big or Go Home right?!

One of my readers wrote, “What’s the difference between this and shopping on amazon? just better deals?”

Many people are familiar with Amazon, and while Shop.com has been around for 25 years, in recent years it continues to get very favorable publicity. Above you will see Shop.com ranked the #1 Best Online Retailer! We are also currently #54 on the Internet Top 500 Retailer list, moving up another 5 spots from the previous year. Our shopping site continues to roll out bigger and better improvements, making it a very profitable business platform AND a more convenient and cost effective way for customers to shop.

You will also notice on both of these lists many of the other top ranked sites are also partner stores with SHOP.COM. On the Best Online Retailer list sites like, Overstock, QVC, Newegg, Ebay, Yoox, HSN, and ThinkGeek are all ranked within their top 15, and they are all also partnered with SHOP.COM!

So like Amazon, we have the ability to shop for millions of products that are shipped directly to the consumer, and typically arrive within the same 2 day window, depending on the vendor. One difference between Shop and Amazon is that Shop.com has partnered with over 3600 franchise stores. These are well-known stores, and those you are already shopping at: Target, Walmart, CVS, Home Depot, Best Buy, Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, American Girl, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, Land’s End, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Lord and Taylor, JC Penny, Nike, EastBay, Calloway, Ace Hardware, True Value, Wayfair, Joss & Main, Staples, HP, Petco, Walgreens, Ebay, Groupon, and the list could just keep on going….  The range of stores is incredible, and continues to grow because SHOP.COM hads an established platform to guarantee our partners stores the sales of their products and services, also saving them significant money spent on advertising.

Now imagine getting additional cash back on your purchase, and getting additional coupon codes to further drive down the cost of the merchandise! Many of these stores also offer in store pick up, so it makes the after-work stop at Target much easier and saves a ton of time!

The second question was, “what’s the catch? like- do people need to sign up for something or pay an annual fee?”

No Catch!!! I realize because there are so many “things” out there where there is ultimately a catch, you would assume there to be one here as well. But no, to be a preferred customer is absolutely FREE! There is no annual fee, no pre paid shipping, no obligation to anything… just a FREE way to save more money! You simply click this link to register as a new preferred customer. Then the system will prompt you to download Shop Buddy. This is our exclusive application which does all of your comparison shopping, logs all of your cash back AND will offer and apply additional coupon codes when you are ready to check out. Once Shop Buddy is downloaded you can directly visit any of our partner stores, and the application will automatically load and do it’s cost-saving work!

And, for anyone looking to compare this to Amazon, Shop Buddy will also pop up when you add an item to you Amazon cart, alerting you the item can be purchased for less money through a Shop.com partner store!

Finally, any time you refer a friend to shop on SHOP, you will receive a lifetime referral incentive in cash back from all of their purchases!

The cash back comes directly from the partner store as a reward to the customer for being a preferred customer with SHOP.COM.

So my question back to you is, “Why wouldn’t you shop this way?” “Who wants to spend more than they need to?”

Finally, the last point of clarification, “Is this the same thing or a different thing than the shopping annuity stuff you post about a lot?”

For anyone who follows me on Facebook, I often include the Shopping Annuity in my posts about saving money. The Shopping Annuity is exclusive to SHOP.COM for those who would like to convert their spending into earning. Imagine the money you currently spend to support your household: this would include – food and beverage, seasonal items, gifts, clothing, entertainment, electronics, personal care items, etc… Imagine all the money you spend on those items, and those dollars turning into investment dollars that grow exponentially within our vertical marketing structure creating a residual income that starts paying you today! The goal of our platform for customers and owners is to move the leverage away from the stores and back to the consumer, driving prices down and creating an investment (this can also be a willed asset). We are approaching the biggest retail season of the year, where we know we will beat last year’s record of 6.4 Billion dollars spent through the internet during the Black Friday weekend. There is great potential to jump start your shopping annuity if it peaks your interest. As always, you can comment below, or email me directly.

A special thanks to my best childhood girlfriend, Kate, who took the time to give me great feedback to further inform my readers!

Until the next deal,



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