It never fails! As prepared and plan full as I try to be, there’s always a last minute something, like when the hip hop shoes which fit perfectly well up until three days before the first class! Yep, Mom to the rescue!

So amidst juggling homework, after school activity schedules, implementing the new school night nighttime routine, managing the household, and somewhere in there [hopefully] finding a few minutes to take care of myself, I figure out how to troubleshoot the latest “drama.” Parenting is an incredibly tough job!

Not too long ago I began struggling with the chaos of juggling so many responsibilities while working a full time job, and noticed I wasn’t enjoying my children as much as the stress in my life was taking over. I felt incredibly sad as I realized I had been going through the motions, giving my children the most I could, but realizing they deserved more. Somewhere in the rat race of the “life” of a young family, I became disconnected from the type of mother I had set out to be; a mother with the patience to attend, listen and engage with her children. To be physically and emotionally available to my three little girls, so they would see me as tender, approachable and endearing. Rather than feeling like I was stretched too thin, and barely keeping my head above water juggling all of the different responsibilities. It was a big realization to begin focusing on the quality of days, rather than racing against the clock meant making some major changes.

Change is hard! It triggers fear and uncertainty! But this is where it all began…

Thankfully, in March 2016 an opportunity to build an asset for my family landed on my lap. I wasn’t sure at the time how quickly a shopping annuity would grow and what type of financial options it would present my family, but I did understand the concept of earning a return on every dollar I spend. I also understood the profitability of online sales and the power of the digital market. I didn’t see risk, I only saw opportunity. Fast forward 18 months later, and I have a new option to weigh. The option of expanding my SHOP.COM business in part time hours working from home freeing up more time to be more involved with my children.

We already know shopping online is a major convenience. Click and order, our items arrive on our doorstep, and we reduce the number of errands we have to run throughout the week, putting more time back into the day to spend on more meaningful activities! So, the crisis of the hip hop shoes not fitting three days before the first class wasn’t a huge issue in my mind. I knew I could hip hop online and get the best deal and earn cash back AND feed my shopping annuity by conveniently shopping through my site (EVEN FROM MY PHONE).

Click, Add to Cart, Apply Coupon Code, DONE!

Converse Hip Hop Shoes (with snazzy stars and sparkles!)     $24.00    shipped for free and arrived in three days, just in time for the first class! Somebody had Happy Feet during class!

Mama has Happy Feet too! It’s the energy, the rejuvenation, breathing a deep breath of fresh air. What if YOU had an option to feel the same way?

Until the next deal,



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