Shop Happy Locally: Supporting Local Businesses

What a fun time! Friday night we celebrated the birthday of our dear friend and business partner, Alyson. We have yet to find a better happy hour than at Breakwater in Stonington, CT. Of course, we are more than willing to promote and bring business to our Shop Local partners, Breakwater being one of them! At the end of the night, everyone paid their bill and earned cash back on their food and drinks, all because we link our method of payment to our preferred customer account with SHOP.COM! We even got a notification on our cell phone – How cool is that?!

So here’s the deal: Our SHOP.COM business also looks to partner with local merchants, not just the big franchise stores. Businesses understand traditional forms of advertising are no longer generating the same volume of sales. Television ads are the platform of the past. Think about it… how often do you DVR television programs? In our house, it’s almost always because we are busy running here, there and everywhere with the kids activities. When you finally sit down to watch the DVRed show, what do you do when you get to a commercial? You fast forward! We just want to get back to our program! So advertising and marketing professionals show the new platform to guarantee the sales businesses are looking for is the digital platform. Businesses and companies are looking for platforms connected to the digital platform in order to survive.

There are no upfront fees for merchants looking to become part of the Shop Local Network. Instead, there is a marketing fee paid to SHOP.COM on purchases from SHOP.COM Preferred Customers. We drive customers to our Shop Local partners so they can be rewarded with earning cash back!

Essentially, this is an opportunity for local businesses to get free marketing, and pay the marketing fee per sale coming from Shop Local. It’s a win, win!


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