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I love Pinterest to death, but my batting average is less that 200. Growing up, my mom helped my brother and I make our costumes. Somehow, someway, we were always able to figure out a way to create the perfect costume. Yet, I also think our ideas of what to be were much more basic – one year it was a ballerina where I wore my costume from the Spring recital, another year I was a Dalmatian made out of a white sweatsuit and black spots made from felt, and the best was a jack in the box made out of a square box decorated with aluminum foil and construction paper. My kids are are looking to wear these extravagant costumes emulating different television characters and personalities, and the amount of detail needed is beyond my skill set.

Maybe it’s a “Mom Fail” but sometimes we have to be easy on ourselves. So, I order the costumes feeling a little guilty, but the fact that I can save money and earn some money makes me feel like I’ve hit a homerun! Check out the deals below:

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Halloween Express with free shipping and other coupon codes from Shop Buddy. Plus 8% Cash Back where forst time customers get 20% off, free shipping over $65 and 7% Cash Back

Costume Super Center with 5% Cash Back

And the list goes on with,, etc…

It doesn’t get any better than this! And remember, you’re going to spend the money anyway; Why not put a little bit back in your pocket?!

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Happy Halloween and Happy Shopping!

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