When the weather report calls for rain, we, moms, figure out and plan ahead for all the hours spent inside! What is your local craft store? For us, we have Michael’s and JoAnn’s Fabric and both are partnered with our SHOP.COM site! So as the rainy weekend approached, we found ourselves at Michael’s looking for some festive crafts. As I’m scrolling through Pinterest, my daughters and I became overambitious and our shopping cart was quite full!

So has anyone heard of RAISE.COM???? Raise is partnered with SHOP.COM and offers consumers discounted gift cards! I always check RAISE to see if I can add to my savings. There were a bunch of discounted gift cards to Michael’s, so I bought one valued at $125, but I only paid $103! So when I went through through the cashier’s line, I still had some left over on my gift card. My purchase came to $98 and change, and we have enough to make the festive pinecones, paint holiday ornaments, make seasonal play-doh, do some Washi crafts, and burn some festive candles!

Having a shopping annuity isn’t about spending extra money! It’s about redirecting your current spending to create savings, cash back and then a stream of residual income!

As always feel free to contact me with any questions.

Until the next deal,



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