Trim Tea debuted at our annual convention in August, and has since sold out on two separate occassions! On the first product launch, it was a matter of days before the stock was COMPLETELY DEPLETED! Pre-orders were collected for the second shipment of inventory in November, and again Trim Tea sold out, only this time it was in less than THREE HOURS! I’m not surprised by all the hype; the research and results are solid and backed medical professionals.

Dr. Nancy Miller-Ihli talks about the power of the Black Seed Extract and the African Mango Seed Extract ingredients in the excerpt on her video.


Trim Tea results are proven in a double blind placebo controlled study involving 52 participants, which shows significant weight loss results over a ten week time period.


And it’s not just about weight loss, it’s also about overall wellness. Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death in Americans, and Trim Tea  is an opportunity to reduce risk.


As we head into the holiday season where the average person gains seven pounds from Halloween to the New Year! I say, let’s get ahead of the curve and trim down heading into 2018 so its our most fabulous year yet!


Pre-orders are shipping out, first come, first serve! SO GET YOUR ORDERS IN! As always, feel free to reach out for any questions or assistance setting up your Preferred Customer Account

Until the next deal, 



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