How many of you think about the household cleaners you use in your home around your children and your pets? How many of you are familiar with the chemicals and acidic components, both of which create fumes in the air. Also, have you ever price compared to make sure you’re getting a great deal? Finally, how do you know if the products are even going to work?

I’ve got some info for you… I’m sure you guessed! As we were preparing to entertain a house full, my daughter volunteered to clean the upholstery of our bar stools. We use SNAP Products in our home, because they are enzyme-based, economical and they work! Take a peek at the before and after shots!

Viola! If a six-year old can get these results, SO CAN YOU! But I also want my customers and loyal readers to be informed. Here is the link to the product which also includes a comparison to other brand names. Cheers to happy shopping and happy cleaning!

And for my YouTube fans, feel free to subscribe and follow my channel all about… you guessed it – SHOPPING HAPPY!

Until the next deal,



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