Self-Funded & Happy

In March 2016, I was presented with an opportunity to own a SHOP.COM site and create a residual income by building a Shopping Annuity. This means I had the opportunity to earn money on the money I was already spending to support my household AND earn money on the collective dollars running through my site. I couldn’t really comprehend the power of the Shopping Annuity at first. The initial value I saw was how I could save my family at least $1500 a year by doing all the shopping online I was already doing. It made complete financial sense to start my business, because otherwise I would spend more money. Very quickly my business was attracting a lot of visibility, because everyone is looking to save money. I made a goal to earn $600 a month by December 2016.

Simultaneously, my full-time job was becoming more stressful with a higher burden of responsibilities. I found myself consumed with meeting deadlines, appeasing people I didn’t even respect, and my spirit was being eaten away. I was starting to dislike myself for having no patience with my husband and children, feeling short tempered and losing my positive perspective on life.

Our Shopping Annuity Business became the light at the end of the tunnel; it was the means to my escape. It was August 2016 and we were already earning $600-$900 a month. I couldn’t believe the earning potential, but even more surprisingly to me was the impact this business was having on others. My husband and I traveled to Greensboro, NC for our first Convention with Market America and SHOP.COM. Not only were we inspired and informed about so many different aspects of the business, we also built out belief. We saw our senior leaders promote our success as the next generation of growth in this business, and it all became clear we had their belief. Now, we believed in ourselves.

We returned to CT making the Shopping Annuity a bigger part of our household. We embraced our business and took it to the next level by making it our purpose to show as many families as possible how to get the highest return on every dollar they spend. We also had the opportunity to share pertinent health information and products to improve ailments and medical conditions, and we saw amazing results. For the first time in so long I felt a feeling of personal satisfaction, and it was all related to helping people become physically, spiritually and financially healthy.

December 2016 came and we were earning $1500 a month. Then it was March 2017, exactly 52 weeks to when we first started our business, and we were earning $3000-$4500 a month. The Shopping Annuity Business platform was proving to be the most sustainable and profitable business system.

While the additional income was very nice (who doesn’t like extra money), I continued to struggle with the work life balance, and in the Summer of 2017, I was confronted with medical concerns forcing me to re-prioritize my life, and I knew the answer; It was the 2-3 year Unfranchise Business System. Everything this business promised us as the 2-3 year short cut to the traditional 45 year plan was proving to be true. In fact, it’s still hard for me to accept when people do not see the value in this plan, which is designed for the average person to build in part time hours over a 2-3 period.

So when I was able to walk away from my full-time corporate job on 12/8/17, I felt a huge feeling of pride. Finally, I had the opportunity to live my life according to my  priorities – my health, my children and my husband – rather than how I was living because I felt stretched so thin due to my job. Craziness right?! I know so many of you can relate though. That is exactly why I’m sharing my story in the hopes it can inspire and encourage you to make the changes you need to in order for you to live by your priorities.

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