Anybody else here do your holiday shopping for your spouse? After a few years of unwrapping thoughtful gifts that I really didn’t care for and doing my best to not hurt my husband’s feelings, I decided to give my husband the out. I actually think it was a huge relief to him. I am HAPPY enough to relieve him of the “burden.”

This year, I really need some new casual tops. The majority of my wardrobe consists of business attire, and since I am no longer working in Corporate America, I don’t have as much use for those outfits. I am looking for things I can wear around the house, but are also presentable for virtual meetings and you tube video recordings.

The majority of the tops I found were from The Loft, a partner store to my site! First, I went to Raise.com and purchased a gift card to The Loft valued at $200, but it was discounted to $174, plus I earned 2% cash back on the purchase.

Then I logged onto loft.com and went to town! I found all of the tops and accessories in the photo above (one top is missing)! Take a guess at my savings! I get so excited to share my deals!

Seven tops, one pair of pants, a necklace, and a bunch of earrings….  Regular price would have been $615.77 including tax. 


This means I saved $343.53! Huge savings! There’s no way I would have been able to afford to pay full price for all of these items, but Shop Buddy and my Shopping Annuity give me the opportunity to save a significant amount of money. PLUS, I also earn a residual income from these purchases! Wouldn’t you prefer to get paid to do your holiday shopping?!

Now the question is, to wrap or not to wrap?!?!

Until the next deal,



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