2018 has arrived! I love the start to the new year! The air is FILLED with opportunity, and if we relax ourselves enough, we begin to dream of all the possibilities.

What are YOUR possibilities for 2018?

Would you like to go on vacation? Get a new job? Buy a new car? Make some investments for your long term security? Become healthier? Perhaps even lose weight? Earn more money?

A quick google search returned this list from a popular site:


  • Eat better — 37 percent
  • Exercise more — 37 percent
  • Spend less money — 37 percent
  • Self-care (e.g. getting more sleep) — 24 percent
  • Read more books —18 percent
  • Learn a new skill — 15 percent
  • Get a new job — 14 percent
  • Make new friends — 13 percent
  • New hobby — 13 percent
  • Focus more on appearance — 12 percent
  • Focus on relationship — 12 percent
  • Cut down on cigarettes/alcohol — 9 percent
  • Go on more dates — 7 percent
  • Focus less on appearance — 3 percent

For me, I am focusing on reading more, be more involved in my daughters’ classrooms, and improve my health with regard to getting better nutrients, more sleep and incorporating more yoga and meditation.

The first half of last year forced me to take a serious look at my lifestyle, especially my work life balance and my stress level. I was working more than 40 hours a week, with a two-hour commute while trying to be the involved mother I always thought I’d be. Only I was just barely keeping my head above water and with very little patience. I wasn’t feeling stressed; I was feeling fried. My perspective was negative, my body felt heavy, and I just wanted to get through the day. Imagine that… or perhaps you can relate to this description.

Time is all we have, but none of us know how much we actually have. We have to make the days count, not just get through them! We owe it to ourselves to wake up each day with a purpose and a passion. If you’re looking to find you’re purpose and passion, think about reading Start With Why, and begin your journey for 2018!

Leave a comment with all of your possibilities for 2018 and cheers to making them happen!

Until next time,




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