Recently, I have received attention and recognition for becoming an entrepreneur in March 2016 and building a business that currently pays me between $3000 and $4500 RESIDUALLY every four-week pay cycle resulting in me leaving my full-time Corporate job. Other entrepreneurs reach out through social media to hear about my success and over and over again ask, “What’s your secret? How were you able to do this so quickly?” 

My response, “I plugged into our training system and consistently chipped away at building, not letting rejection get in my way.”

There is no magic secret. I did not get lucky; I went to work. But perhaps the MAGIC lays within the structure and compensation plan of Market America and SHOP.COM. 

Throughout my conversations with other entrepreneurs, its clear they are smart, driven, ambitious and tenacious individuals. These entrepreneurs are polite and engaging, yet they are also floundering and frustrated. And I found myself having similar conversations with all of them, and these are the three trends I identified:

#1        Where is all the support?

Most of the other leaders within the home-based businesses were inaccessible to their new partners. Because of the multi-level marketing business structure, these leaders had to maintain minimum sales requirements AND find the time to coach and mentor their team. The minimum sales requirements then become lofty considering the time required to properly and responsibly lead a team. However, if the personal sales goals are not met, the additional team earning CANNOT be earned. This explains why so many new entrepreneurs flounder into frustration.

Vertical Marketing or a binary structure eliminates the challenge with time. Instead of having to manage multiple levels and legs of people, we create two legs or teams of entrepreneurs who lead and collaborate offering each other support and resources to ensure success. With Market America and SHOP.COM we do not have sales goals; we are teaching our partners how to move leverage away from stores and back to themselves. Basically, we want everyone to save money, earn money and create a residual income from the money they are currently spending on household expenses. We are all consumers so this is easy!  

#2        I made good money in the beginning. 

Every direct sales company I have evaluated promotes a similar “kick-off” event for their new consultant. This is an opportunity to debut the new business to friends and family, often resulting in strong sales, and additional bookings to sustain the business. Most of my conversations describe a similar experience where they maintained bookings and sales for about six months, until it began to feel like an imposition or a burden. The number of bookings drastically decreased at this point, and unfortunately, therefore, so did the income. When the reinforcement of making money goes away, there is less motivation to continue working at something. The belief becomes, I’m not made for this business. Wherein reality, it is the business structure that prevents the ambitious entrepreneur from moving ahead by only paying them on percentages.

Market America and SHOP.COM present a duplicatable system where we ARE NOT paid on percentages. Instead, we are financially connected to other partners within the binary system and we ALL share 100% of our earnings so the individual income grows exponentially. We are not asking anyone to sell or purchase goods they wouldn’t normally consume within their household. Instead, we convert over household products, laundry detergent is an example, so we shop from ourselves and therefore get the highest return on every dollar we spend which is also shared at 100% with our partners. In fact, I tell entrepreneurs evaluating our business, we are the inverse of what your past experience was like in the other MLMs. Instead of making a bunch of money upfront and then it dying out, we may not earn residual income in the beginning, however, over time, the earnings are compounding creating much larger earnings as time passes. 

#3 .       I ran out of people to talk to.

Most MLM’s are focused on a subset of products, which automatically reduces the target clientele. There are companies selling skincare, cosmetics, jewelry, kitchen goods, home decor, books, clothing, and the list goes on. In the end, all of these products are extra consumables within any given household. How much lip gloss or leggings might one need? This reinforces the idea that eventually, the clientele becomes over resourced creating a sustainability problem for the entrepreneur.

With Market America and SHOP.COM we run out of time in the day talking to people about the opportunity to save money within their household budget. People = consumers. Every single one of us MUST consume in order to live, and we are never going to stop maintaining our household, even when budgets are tight. There will always be a minimum amount of consumables each month, therefore always supporting the shopping annuity platform and residual income. 

I hope this article is helpful and reinforces, there is nothing wrong with YOU, it is the business model and compensation plan attached to your company. To all of my fellow entrepreneurs, this message was written with love and encouragement for you, because I know you deserve more for your hard work, energy and time devoted to why you began your own business.

As always, I am reachable through email.

Until the next deal,



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