The Torch Award Confirms A SHOP HAPPY Experience: SHOP.COM

It is ALWAYS a Shop Happy experience when the best prices are guaranteed, cash back is earned, and an independent stream of residual income is created. THAT is exactly what SHOP.COM offers and is exactly why our site continues to progress and receive exemplary recognition.

Most recently the Better Business Bureau announced SHOP.COM and Market America as the winner of the Torch Award for 2018. This is the second time SHOP.COM and Market America has received this recognition, including the first time in 2013. More importantly, this is the first time for the any NC Business to receive this recognition twice! This honor reinforces the outstanding business performance, integrity and ethics maintained by SHOP.COM and Market America for the better of 25 years!

In addition, our business continues to move up in rankings on the e-commerce list. Most recently, we ranked 43rd on the Internet Retailer Online Marketplace list above other sites like and, both of which are partnered with SHOP.COM.

In July 2017, it was thrilling to see SHOP.COM move to the #1 stop on the Top Tens list for Best Online Retailer above Amazon. SHOP.COM was ranked 59th in the Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide ahead of other retailers like Under Armour, CVS, Sephora, American Eagle, and the Disney Store.

How are we able to continue demonstrating consistent growth and recognition?

SHOP.COM offers their Unfranchise Owners an opportunity to build a shopping annuity, which is exclusive to SHOP.COM. There is no other business platform to offer their owners a way to take the dollars they spend on every day expenses (groceries, personal care items, travel expenses, clothing, etc…) and turn those dollars into investment dollars which are combined and margins are redirected back to the consumer in form of cash back AND ongoing income. It is also important to point out that Market America and SHOP.COM continue to manufacture high quality products that are a part of trillion dollar markets, and we continue to increase the partnerships with popular franchise stores like Macy’s, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Express, Gap, Old Navy, Nike, Wayfair, HP, Go Daddy, and the list goes on and on. Our patented application, Shop Buddy, does all of the comparison shopping, as well as gives the consumer additional coupon codes and savings, ensuring the best possible price, every day! For entrepreneurs looking to create an additional stream of revenue, why not generate that from the dollars you are already spending each and every day! Together, we take the dollars we spend on and move the leverage away from the brick and mortar stores and redirect it back to the consumer and the entrepreneur. How is that for economic shift?

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