We are almost one quarter into 2018. Where are you at with the goals you set at the beginning of the year? Are you still getting to the gym five days a week? Is your bank account padded by three months of savings? Have you taken time off from work to spend quality time with your family?

Many of us entered 2018 like most other years, with the best of intentions. We had visions of making all of the changes necessary to achieving the lifestyle we dream of having. Most times this vision doesn’t include anything elaborate or extreme; rather it is a life absent the threatening health concerns, the overwhelming debt and the constant feeling of burning the wick at both ends in the attempt to balance work and family. Even with the best of intentions, over time it becomes easier to revert back to our old ways, and we begin dreaming of “one day” when life will be different. The old routines are familiar and comfortable, whereas implementing the changes to achieve our goals is new territory. It presents the idea the dreams may or may not come true and that feels scary.

Leaving my full-time job presented me with an opportunity to work for myself, to create my own schedule, and to reward myself with more time with my family to name a few lifestyle improvements. This change also took away a reliable, generous salary with good benefits. Yet, for so long, my priority wasn’t about money. When I assessed my lifestyle, I had everything I needed. In the end money could afford me material things and a vacation, but it had gotten to the point where the day-to-day stress had begun to take a toll on my health. My body was screaming for me to pay attention and create a more self-caring lifestyle. And when you don’t have your health, you can’t have anything else; nothing trumps health.

Fear gave it a good run for the money though (no pun intended). It was the fear of making the wrong decision. It was the fear of regret that prevented me from jumping in with both feet. Fear is paralyzing. Sometimes the closer we get to fulfilling our goals and dreams, the scarier it becomes that in the end we may still fall short. Mentally we get stuck in analysis paralysis, meaning we spend more time thinking about our situation and everything needing to be done to secure the desired outcome than actually doing what needs to be done. We get caught up in our heads over-analyzing silly little details that really don’t even matter. We spend more time thinking about things than the amount of time it would take to just get started. Imagine how much time it would take to take the first step toward the goal.

In the end, I made sure I take to a few different supports in my life, all of whom endorsed making a change. To them, the risk offered more potential to bring about positive outcomes rather than negative. They believed in me, and so I had no option but to also believe in myself.

What is it going to take to make your life different now? What if instead of dreaming of one day, we changed it to today being day one? Isn’t it amazing how the order of these two words completely changes the meaning, the tone, and even the tense moves from passive to active giving the subject responsibility and opportunity!

Don’t wait for the perfect day; it will never come. Don’t wait for Monday to start over (again). Don’t wait for the Spring or the Summer, or once the kids are back in school in September. Don’t wait to get through planning your daughter’s wedding or to get your son situated in his new apartment. There will always be something, and that’s way life should be. Life keeps going, and we have to go with it. Time is all you have, and we never know how much, so let’s make each day filled with purpose and passion living the life we deserve!

Until the best deal,



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