Spring vacation season is upon us! Do you have any travel plans?

We weren’t planning to go anywhere special for Spring Break until we starting looking around online fantasizing about fun places for families to visit. We were literally all over the map, thinking about a resort in CA, but figured that might be a long flight for it being the first time our girls would fly. Then we thought about heading to Chicago to experience the culture and restaurants, but my husband really wanted to go somewhere warm. One of the top ten lists of resorts referenced a beautiful kid-friendly resort at Disney Springs. At a quick glance, it looked like a whole lot of fun. Lots of activities for the kids – 3D movie theater and dining experience, galaxy bowling, a huge pool with a pirate ship and water slides, a carousel, wonderful restaurants and shops, live entertainment, and the accommodations included three bedrooms and a full kitchen and washer and dryer!!! The idea of going home with most of the laundry clean and being able to offer the girls wholesome breakfast and lunches to offset the added treats of being on vacation seemed like the perfect set-up.

Still, it was just a Sunday afternoon dream. Just for fun, I looked at airfare prices, and to my surprise it was more than reasonable…. By booking through Expedia, another partner store connected to my SHOP.COM site, I could book round trip airfare for our family of five for $834! All of a sudden, I wondered if this dream, could become a reality?!

When I initially checked the price for the accommodations at the resort, it was listed at $195 per night plus a daily resort fee. The price wasn’t bad, but I realized the site was also connected to our SHOP.COM site. Upon activating SHOP BUDDY, the price per night went from $195 to $165 per night (plus the daily resort fee). Now, I was looking at a week’s vacation for a family of five to be about 2K! Not bad at all! So needless to say, we booked the vacation, paying ourselves and the rest of our team. I can’t wait to share pics with all of my readers.

Perhaps a Spring vacation is in your future too! Sign up for your Free Preferred Customer Account here!

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