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Anyone like me, making last minute arrangements for Spring break?! While most things were taken care of months ago, there were still some t’s to cross and some i’s to dot. So I figure, if my tips and savings can help anyone else, here goes nothing.

Because my SHOP.COM site is partnered with almost 4000 sites and franchise stores, I don’t always know how to find the best deal by searching by the store name. There are TOO MANY STORES!!! This is definitely a good problem to have, because it means we can find everything at a better price, and here’s how to do it in this scenario.

I entered “discounted Disney tickets” into Google. Shop Buddy lists all of the sites and stores connected to SHOP.COM with our banner so naturally our eye is drawn to those listings. I would have never known even existed, but Shop Buddy made sure I didn’t miss the deal!

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 5.04.54 PM

There, I found tickets to all of the local theme parks, tours, shows and other attractions. I found things I wasn’t expecting like announcements about newly added character breakfasts and experiences at different parks. For someone who hasn’t been to Florida in quite some time, it was helpful to get acclimated to the area. If I hadn’t already booked the hotel, there were also recommendations and last-minute deals listed.

Our girls unanimously decided on Blizzards Beach and Typhoon Lagoon! (Yep, that’s right, water parks over the Magic Kingdom ha ha) Normally, a family with two adults and three children would pay $307 plus tax for a one-day pass. With SHOP.COM we purchased our tickets for $255 plus tax! Remember, I also get paid and get my team paid with every purchase that goes through my site. This is another great example demonstrating how you will continue to pay more by not having a shopping annuity in place!

So happy to save you some money making memories with your families!

Until the next deal,



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