“How Do You Do It All?” “I Don’t!” The Marriage of Parenting and Entrepreneurship

On my website I brand myself as a wife, mother, therapist and a business owner. Many times I am wearing all four hats simultaneously!

Yes, I am a mother of three girls; I am married to wonderful husband who plays an active role around the house and with our children, but he also travels a ton for work! It is more common than not for him to be gone every evening and both days of the weekend. Rather than seeing this as a barrier to building a successful business, I embrace the opportunity to demonstrate how it’s possible to parent and be a entrepreneur!

Now please know, the marriage of entrepreneurship and parenting is exactly that: a marriage. There are days where the two compliment each other, to the point where they amplify each other. The girls are proud of “the business” and imagine themselves as passionate entrepreneurs in adulthood, making a difference and impacting the world around them. But there are also days where the two can barely co-exist. The kids repel “the business” like the same poles of a magnet.

It may appear as though I do it all, but in reality I have become very selective about where I spend my time. Boundaries are key. There are only 24 hours in the day, and sleep wastes away 6-8 of them. Therefore, the other 16-18 have to be put to good use and prioritizing the kids, marriage, personal self-care, building my business, and protecting the time when we can all be together and have fun! It isn’t easy, but once you establish your personal priorities it becomes easy to politely decline invitations that do not support the priorities.

When I took the leap into entrepreneurship I had even more on my plate. I worked a full-time job and travelled an hour each way to my office. The first sacrifice was eliminating the hours I spent reading and watching TV. (I was an avid reader, reading 1-2 books a week.) Working and raising a young family, didn’t leave many options of what to give up, and when I gave up TV, I realized I didn’t even miss it. As for the reading, I did miss that, and after a few months I incorporated audio books into my life (solution to every problem!). Without consistent time invested, whatever you are doing is really a hobby, not a business. If I hadn’t blocked out the time to give entrepreneurship and my business a fair shot, I would have failed. I would not have gotten the results I needed to see to keep going.

At the end of the day, I make sure all of the priorities are taken care of, and I often lay my head down at night thinking. “I wished I had gotten _____ done.” What’s most important is the intention is always there to give the best of myself to my family and to my business. It is never 50/50, but neither is any marriage. I enjoy the flexibility of figuring out what percentage of my day is allocated to everything I do, and I only get that flexibility because I own my own digital business

My goal in owning and building a business is to develop residual income for myself and along side others who are invested in doing the same. I don’t think twice about taking the time to coach and mentor others toward their goals, because I see this as an investment toward my larger goal of having a positive impact on others.

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Market America & SHOP.COM in Times Square: The Shopping Annuity Has Landed

Just over a week ago, 25K entrepreneurs attended the Market America World Conference to learn about the cutting-edge technology advancements and the surge in buying power generated by the Shopping Annuity developed by JR Ridinger. The Shopping Annuity lit up Times Square sharing highlights from the Convention and reinforcing why every household needs one.

The concept of the Shopping Annuity is quickly gaining traction as it offers people an opportunity to create additional income within their household by redirecting their spending through a digital platform. In four short years, the Shopping Annuity built greater leverage to now use its buying power to driver prices down for its customers!

It forces the question, if you could continue doing what you do every day and generate an ongoing income that will compound over time creating a residual income stream, would you?

The reality is, you’re going to spend the money regardless. Why not get something back?

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Payless Is Closing All of Their US Stores: Consumerism is Changing

The collapse of the brick and mortar franchise stores is one of four major trends impacting the US economy as well as the retail industry. Payless is just another chain store closing their doors, not because they don’t sell good stuff, but because it is becoming more and difficult to create the foot traffic in the actual stores to sell enough merchandise for it to be profitable for the company. It was no different when Toys R Us went out of business in 2017, and when Sears closed many of their US stores. Even anchor stores like Nordstroms are pulling out of shopping malls because the brick and mortar retail model isn’t working anymore.

It took me awhile to understand the store closing announcements were a symptom of the retail industry rather than a result of bad business practices by the franchise stores. The closing thus far is only just the beginning.

More evidence of the changing economy is demonstrated by the dramatic increase in the number of partnerships we have seen between franchise stores and SHOP.COM. Three years ago when I started my business there were just about 2600 partnerships, whereas today we have well over 5000. The reason being, not only do franchise stores realize the consumer market is based on online sales, but now stores are competing for a piece of the digital market. Therefore, the franchise stores can leverage the 3M customers within SHOP.COM to extend their digital reach and guarantee them the sales they need to survive.

For the entrepreneur like me, I now create an income from all of this shopping. So, if you’re going to spend the money anyway, wouldn’t you agree it makes sense to get something back in return?! #shoppingannuity

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Linear Income v. Leveraged Income: Which Are You Earning?

The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is the earning potential. While some may see risk in creating leveraged income, the bigger risk is only having linear income.

The featured image is a great visual demonstrating the option of how you want to earn money. One side you are leasing your time to a company to be a part of the system that makes the company work. Upside: steady paycheck and predictable income, assuming the company has financial stability and keeps you employed in the same capacity. Downside: you stop working the income stops, limited earnings, no asset, only paid by physically trading your time.

The other side you are investing your time to grow a business you own. The work you do in the beginning generates income that compounds and pays you repeatedly in the future. Upside: no limit to your income, you are building something you own, you can multiply your time. Downside: no guarantees, not paid on results not showing up.

In today’s digital age I would encourage you to start with a job AND build a business in part-time hours simultaneously. Today you don’t have to pick one or the other, and the risk and start up for a business is nominal. You can have both if you’re someone looking for more.

What path are you on? Job, business or both?

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February is American Heart Month: What Can You Do To Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease

It is only fitting for February to be American Heart Month; a month dedicated to raising awareness to reduce the risk of heart disease and increasing heart health.

In the United States, heart disease is the leading cause of death in men AND women, affecting more than 610,000 people each year. Every 34 seconds someone in the US has a heart attack and every minute someone dies from heart disease. About 79 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease.  What is even more alarming is the opportunity we have to prevent this from happening.

First, know the risks. Do you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes? Are you over weight or obese? Do you consume the Standard American Diet (SAD), rich in sugars and processed foods? Are you physically active and do you excessively drink alcohol?

For many, it may feel like the cards are stacked against you at this point, but the reality is, adapting a healthy diet and regular exercise can drastically reduce your risk of heart disease. Even a daily brisk 10-minute walk will make a difference!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Journal of Nutrition state incorporating Omega-3 Supplementation has shown to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and can reduce triglyceride levels by as much as 30 percent. The Omega-3 supplement should be free of mercury, lead, PCBs and heavy metals. We also know from research conducted by Internal Medicine Doctors, increasing DHA in older adults reduces their risk of coronary heart disease death by 40 percent. Finally, the Standard American Diet perpetuates higher cholesterol levels, specifically high triglyceride levels caused by eating more fat and trans fat. Diet changes, Omega-3 supplementation and exercise can reduce triglycerides. Yet, we see more Americans using statins to combat the issue. Instead of committing to lifelong use of statin drugs, consider an antioxidant supplement called Advanced LipiTrim to assist with healthy rates of cholesterol production and maintaining healthy levels of triglycerides.

Knowledge is power, and knowing you can implement small lifestyle changes to improve risk factors gives you the power to make the change!

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Inspiring Words to Remember: Life of an Entrepreneur

We talk to ourselves all day long, and our subconscious words guide our actions and decision-making. Therefore, it is critical for entrepreneurs to build emotional strength and resilience by feeding our minds positive messages.

Hold yourself to the highest vision you have for yourself and your life, then go to work every single day to create the best version of yourself.
I know it’s hard when your grand vision and your current reality don’t even seem like they are in the same solar system, but you’ve got to forget about how far away your dreams are and start holding yourself to a higher standard….a standard that reflects your ambition not your reality.
You might not be able to experience your dreams or vision for life right now, you might be feeling lost or scared and maybe you just feel that it will never happen for you.
But here’s the thing; No one gets to experience their vision or dreams before they become all they can be and ultimately become the best version of themselves!
Whether you look at Daymond John, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Oprah they had to work extremely hard to become the best version of themselves, long before they had any significant success.
It doesn’t matter what everyone else around you is doing or even what your current performance and problems might be, just be the best that you can be.
Do the very best that you can, with the resources, knowledge and skills you have right now. I know that, it’s most probably not perfect and it’s most probably not ideal, but you’ve just got to commit yourself to developing and growing and becoming the best that you can be right now.
Be the best version of yourself!
Make that your goal and trust me every other goal, dream and vision you have will become your reality!

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J Lo’s 10-Day Diet Challenge: Get Summer Body Ready

Summer bodies are made in the Winter, and J Lo is catching everyone’s attention after she completed a 10-day no carb, no sugar diet and has begun to challenge others to do the same! J Lo was interviewed on the Today Show and most recently on the Ellen Show, and who wouldn’t want the stunning glow J Lo radiates, oh and of course her lean, yet strong body! (Yes, my hand is raised too!!!)

While J Lo’s 10-day Diet Challenge is hitting headlines as the newest way to jump-start your body for weight loss, it follows the same low-glycemic and plant based eating plan as the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS) program implemented by licensed medical professionals and certified nutritional and fitness coaches nationwide.

J Lo emphasizes the need to eliminate all forms of sugar, dairy and carbs for 10 days. With the TLS lifestyle approach, we encourage people to start with a 7-day detox where we rid the body of the same things. Eliminating sugar, dairy and carbs will reduce inflammation and improve digestive health. We also realize how addicted we have become to sugar and processed carbs especially.!

It is no surprise to hear people responding to J Lo’s Challenge the same way we hear people share testimonials after the Nutriclean 7-Day Cleanse: decrease bloating, increased energy, better sleep, decreased cravings for sugar and processed foods, improved complexion, increased mobility, to name a few.

Donnisse shared, “After gaining 7 pounds on vacation earlier this year (in addition to being about 15 lbs overweight), I felt sluggish and unhappy. This was my second time doing the NutriClean 7 Day System, and I am thrilled with the results! I love that the cleanse is gentle, and easy to follow. It helped me to “cleanse” my cravings for sugars and carbs. I lost 6 pounds in the first seven days and 2 inches from my waist. Afterwards, it was easy for me to make the commitment to myself to continue eating clean. I’ve lost another 2 pounds by following the Rapid Results menu plan. I’m confident that I will be bathing suit ready by the summer!”

While J Lo clearly states, her 10-Day Challenge is not meant to be a long term program, it is important to offer a seamless transition to another customized program to continue positive weight loss and wellness results. Don’t lose momentum; Find the perfect nutrition and weight loss plan to meet your specific needs and lifestyle!

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