Building Passive Income: Time v. Quality Time

With entrepreneurship on the rise, it is important to decipher the difference between time and quality time for the budding entrepreneur.

Along my path coaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs, I often find entrepreneurs frustrated with their results given the number of hours they have invested to grow their business. When we look at the quality of the hours invested, there are many red flags.

What is the difference between time and quality time?

First, I think there are many important passive activities necessary for creating and maintaining the entrepreneurial mindset. Things like reading personal development and business building books, listening to motivational audios and podcasts, journaling, exercise, meditation, eating well and rising early to get ahead of the day are important components of a daily routine. However, these activities will not generate direct business growth and profit, so we refer to them as passive. Active activities are those that directly impact business growth and income, and may include promoting a product or service, distributing products samples or coupons, publishing a product testimonial with established customer base, and in my business, conducting household assessment to calculate cost savings and earning potential through our shopping annuity program.

When the majority of time is spent on passive activities, it is easy to feel frustrated when business growth and income are not increasing. It is important to keep in mind, one does not need to read an entire book within a given day to get the positive impact. Ten minutes of reading does the trick. Our body gets the same mental clarity and stimulation from 20 minutes of physical exercise as they would from 60 minutes. Therefore, it is important to time block 60-90 minutes a day to practice passive activities and another 60-90 minutes a day on the active building activities. After consistent weekly investment Monday through Friday, the entrepreneur will begin to feel the momentum of business growth.


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Make Your Money Grow in 2019: A Traditional Annuity v. A Shopping Annuity

The new year is the perfect time to re-establish saving and investment goals for the new year. Annuities are an example of one investment strategy which project a higher return on the invested money.

A Traditional Annuity requires having discretionary income to invest. During the term of the investment, ideally the money will grow and yield a return on investment. There are a variety of different types of traditional annuities, but all of them require an initial large investment of money.

With the Shopping Annuity, the money spent on regular household items turns into investment money when it is redirected through a digital tracking system managed and maintained by Market America and SHOP.COM. The average American consumer can redirect about $19,000 of their annual expenses through the digital platform to generate cost savings, and when they redirect their expenses as a distributor, they can yield a weekly income of $3,600 for their initial business.

While both annuities are long-term plans, the shopping annuity has the ability to start paying you immediately. A traditional annuity projects a higher return the longer the money is invested, and, in most cases, the money is not available for the term of the investment.

For most Americans, they cannot afford the upfront costs required for a traditional annuity. Therefore, the idea of redirecting money spent on every day consumables, affords an investment strategy to those who otherwise would not have the option. Others are attracted to the idea that with a shopping annuity, the individual maintains ownership of their investment. Whereas, with a traditional annuity the money remains with a financial institution and is impacted by economic trends.

If you are looking to diversify your investments in 2019 and the concept of the Shopping Annuity peaks your curiosity, I suggest conducting your household mini assessment to see the impact it could have on your household.

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Motives Cosmetics: Over 3M Followers on Instagram

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s gift for your honey? We don’t want chocolate!

Motives Cosmetics is one of the most followed brands in the beauty industry with over 3M followers on Instagram. It makes sense with the extensive line of products and Custom Blend service for foundation, lip and eye colors.

Our Rose Refresher is a new addition to our Lumiere de Vie Skincare line, and is back in stock after initially selling out. Not only is it refreshing to spray on your face. It is also luxurious to spray on a pillowcase, or try adding a couple of drops to your iron or steamer to give your clothes a gorgeous scent.

The new Motives Thrill Me Collection is perfect to get excited and ready for Spring & Summer (even if its snowing out)!

Enjoy Reduced Express Shipping on order $100 and more!

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25K Entrepreneurs Celebrate Residual Income By Building a Shopping Annuity

Building residual income in part-time hours by helping others save money and learn how to earn money on their household expenses has never been easier.

It is clear, the Corporate team with Market America and SHOP.COM has found their groove! At the World Conference in Miami, FL announcements regarding new exclusive products, more household consumables, and increased profit margins demonstrating tremendous growth in record time! These are major advancements giving Unfranchise Owners even more leverage to be more successful!

Personally, I have always felt like this business was a no brainer! I understood right from the beginning that I was spending the money anyway! BUT – after showing the new business plan yesterday for the first time, I felt like someone would have to be downright stupid to not see the value in this business! There’s just SO MUCH to offer!

Knowing JR Ridinger’s vision back in 1992 was to create a “mall without walls” when all we had was the World Wide Web. Yet, the acquisition and development of SHOP.COM with over 3 million customers, proves his original concept. Then in 2015, JR announced the “Shopping Annuity,” an opportunity to create residual income from consumer transactions on everyday items, peaked everyone’s curiosity. Imagine earning money by spending money?!

The message at World Conference was nothing short of “The Shopping Annuity Has Arrived.” Now offering more consumable products far below retail prices at franchise stores with the added benefit of earning profits, allows the average consumer the opportunity to save more and earn more than ever before!

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The Shopping Annuity Has Landed: Building Residual Income in 2019

Making money and saving money are two of the most popular Google searches thus far in 2019. People are looking to secure additional income in addition to their established household income. The challenge becomes finding the time to allocate to something done on a part-time basis to yield the largest profit.

We own a business based on household consumables. Three years ago when I started this business, Market America shared a vision of the Shopping Annuity changing the economy for the entire world. While the mission is necessary, at the time I was so new to this business, it seemed idealistic and nothing more than visionary. In less than three years, the Shopping Annuity has landed and is demonstrating the way people around the world have changed the way they spend money.

We market our business as an opportunity to take the dollars we spend on everyday items like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, vitamins, laundry detergent and more!

Our products have always been backed by research and studies in billion-dollar industries.

We are building our shopping annuity with new products like a nutraceutical collagen, a black cumin seed product to boost immunity, help fight infection and reduce inflammation, CBD oil made from quality ingredients from nature, and more everyday consumables like shaving cream with activated charcoal, razors and a razor system for men, coffee K-cups, flushable wipes, and baby wipes!

THEN, we’ve taken one step further to offer generic forms of acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil), allergy medicine (Benadryl), aspirin (Bayer, daytime & nighttime cold medicine (Theraflu), mouthwash, teeth whitening, cotton swabs, band-aids, kids toothpaste, and more… ONLY we can offer them CHEAPER than retail price otherwise advertised.

The growth of our product brokerage is a direct reflection of our COMBINED BUYING POWER! With over 3 Million customers and 180 thousand entrepreneurs, we are taking over the market, and building a larger residual income more than we ever before.

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How is the 45-Year Plan Working for YOU?

The 45-year plan doesn’t work for 95% of the population: work for 45 years and upon a retirement age of 65, 5% still have to work, 28% have died, and 62% can’t write a check for $300.
Yet, the top 5% have leverage in their lives and have created wealth. Here I define Wealth  as the number of days you can survive financially without actively participating in creating income. How “wealthy” are you? 10 years? A year? 2 months? 2 weeks? Scary reality for most!
A true leveraged, residual, passive stream of income is usually reserved for only the elite. However, there is an alternative and 27 year old proven model. It doesn’t take a lot of time, money, or know-how….it simply takes a dream, desire, some guts, and good people to work with.

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Best Books to Read to Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Many entrepreneurs incorporate daily reading for 15-20 minutes in their morning routine to ensure a better mindset, gain knowledge and to generate the mental stimulation to help carry out their purpose.

We thrive on routine, and the words we say to ourselves dictate our attitude and actions. Therefore, the consistent practice of reading a few pages each morning, creates a ritual of connecting with self and feeding the brain positive messages.

While reading three mornings in a row will not guarantee to transform a negative Nelly, the ongoing routine will begin to change one’s perspective and life experience. Perhaps after a couple of months, you find yourself creatively solving problems or seeing an opportunity within an unforeseen challenge, rather than a barrier to achieving a goal. Then, after several months of daily reading, you hear yourself reciting concepts you have read. There is a greater enthusiasm in your pursuit for achievement. You have a greater sense of self, which I think is the highest return from entrepreneurship one can attain.

There are endless lists of book recommendations for entrepreneurs. Here’s the stack I’m working on!


Visit the business and self-help sections of your local library or book store to select the titles that appeal to you.

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